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ENTRACTE is a 3D scanning service bureau, dedicated to film production. We provide set and location scanning, high-definition 3D models and photographic textures, including vehicles and props of all shapes, sizes and formats. Our workflow has been specifically developed for the VFX pipeline, with the seamless integration of laser and structured light scanners, large-scale LiDAR and mobile mapping, aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry.

We are headquartered in Milan, Italy, but we work across the EU and around the world.

Recent Works


The seamless integration of Leica RTC360 LiDAR point clouds, photogrammetry and high resolution bracketed textures allow us to deliver the highest quality 3D models, processing billions of polygons and hundreds of 8K textures.


For the interiors, we have developed a scanning system with multiple cameras. This Multi-Camera rig drastically reduces the time required for a survey, and allow us to compensate for the relevant occlusions / scan shadow areas that can be generated by the morphology of the buildings or by temporary obstacles


We provide a reliable and scalable drone data acquisition solution, using mission planning software to plan and control drone flights. Under normal conditions, it is possible to perform an aerial scan of an area of 10.000 m² around a building (with a horizontal grid of 100 m x 100 m, and a sampling distance of 10 mm/px) in one day. All these data can be integrated with LiDAR and terrestrial photogrammetry.

Props & Vehicles

For our vehicle and prop scanning, we use metrology quality, handheld 3D scanners, with up to 0.050 mm accuracy, and a resolution of 0.200 mm. Combined with LiDAR and high resolution photogrammetry for textures, we can provide props and object scanning with high 3D point accuracy, excellent micro-geometric fidelity, and accurately mapped textures.

Face Scans

For our face scanning, we use handheld 3D scanners, with up to 0.050 mm accuracy, and a resolution of 0.200 mm.

Processing & Delivery

We can provide a daily rate, based on the images and measurements of the set.

Otherwise, if a production is vfx heavy, we can provide a weekly rate, and an all encompassing LiDAR package, which gives full time access to kit and crew, as well as every scan processed and delivered as part of that service: LiDAR + drone + photogrammetry, including alignment, data cleaning and the final export of the 3D model.


We can provide colored point clouds (.ply, xyz, .ptx, .las) or textured 3D geometries with UDIM or tiled textures (.obj, .abc, .fbx). The 3D geometries can be exported as triangular meshes with custom resolutions (from 1 million polygons to 20 million polygons or more).

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